The Conservation Outreach Road trips 2014/15- the primary aim of this initiative is to identify motivate and engage with nature educators, grassroots activists and conservationists who are working silently and need to be valued and further strengthened. Another purpose is to provide these identified individuals, groups and teams with basic equipment, field guides and share experiences about conservation as well as eco tourism.

With the help of images, video shoots and journal entries and sketches, we will generate stories for popular as well as scientific interest.

This initiative has a team of researchers, photographers and writers and myself drive across the length and breadth of the Western Ghats of India with every trip covering over 400 kilometers. In the first phase, at the end of 10 trips, we will compile a directory of over 400 grassroots wildlife and nature activists and enthusiasts. They will then be a part of my outreach programs and will help take this initiative across several thousand students, nature lovers and ordinary people. The issues of water conservation, human wildlife conflict and biodiversity conservation are key to this initiative.

Come be a part of the ‘Conservation Road trip’ journey and help make a difference…one step at a time.