Herpactive organizes one-day workshops and programs for capacity building as well as to raise awareness.

Some of these are

  1. Basic Field Equipment and Training program- to understand the use and application of Field equipment in Conservation Science.
  2. Snake Bite Protocol And Basic First Aid- is one of our key outreach programs organized in village set ups, community centers and educational institutes to raise awareness as well as preparedness about snake bite and its first aid protocol.
  3. Herpetography tours- are specialized Herpetology photography tours for beginners and serious amateurs in Herpetology to raise awareness and interest.
  4. Basic Taxonomy program- Basic Reptile taxonomy sessions are held from time to time to facilitate better understanding of reptiles.
  5. Crocodile surveys- Crocodile surveys and monitoring trips are organized for serious amateurs and students of conservation from time to time.

All 1 day program announcements are made on our Website and Facebook page from time to time.


  1. Herpactive provides consultancy on Reduction of Human- reptile conflict in urban dominated landscapes.
  2. Establishment of Snake Bite Protocol in institutes/public spaces.
  3. Setting up of Research bases and Conservation Education centers.

For detailed quotes on these please email [email protected]

Sale of products
Herpactve offers various products on sale from time to time. The proceeds from these go towards supporting our field work in various project sites across the country. Please see catalogue for details

Herpactive stocks ASV (Anti Snake Venom) vials at its Bhobhe Manor, Alt Pilerne office on CHOGM road. This is stocked for use in emergencies for Snake handlers and rescuers in the state of Goa.