The Echis Conservation Hub has been envisaged as a means of creating a platform for students, nature enthusiasts and wild life researchers in a semi urban landscape. The Echis Conservation Hub is located in Nachinola village, a quiet hamlet situated in the heart of Bardez taluka 10 kilometers away from capital city of Panjim and 5 kilometers from Mapusa city.

The conservation hub is named Echis after the Latin name of the Saw scaled viper (Echis carinatus) a medically important venomous species of snake. The habitat that surrounds the villages of Nachinola and Moira are home to this species along with a dozen plus other ophidian species.

The conservation hub is part of the Wildlife Research Station network that we are trying to establish across the Northern Western Ghats of India and is focused towards studying lesser-known fauna in the region.

Among our many objectives, the most important one is to set up a permanent conservation research base and nature reference and reading library that can be used by researchers and students.

This hub will provide logistics and support to researchers from all over India and the world who wish to conduct studies in this biodiversity rich region. We also aim to conduct education programs for school children and local villagers, carry out and facilitate research on varied species and support local conservation issues with the help of science in the best way possible.

For the next few months, Nirmal Kulkarni will lead activities here, along with a team of volunteers and local field staff. The ECHIS team will frequently conduct village education programs, school nature interactions, and workshops with local nature enthusiasts. We will try to work as closely with the local community too, in order to encourage sustainability and conservation amongst all the stakeholders involved.

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