Apple Cider With Doubts About The Health Benefits.

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Cure diabetes The acetic acid in apple cider is said to have a beneficial effect on blood sugar control. Several studies have shown that ingestion of acetic acid from vinegar during meals containing carbohydrates or starches. It improves the insulin response and results in lower blood sugar levels. Research investigating the efficacy of apple cider vinegar on blood sugar levels or diabetes is limited in body.

One study look at the effectiveness of acetic acid in vinegar form on postprandial blood glucose and insulin response. Ten healthy volunteers aged between 22-51 years were assign to fast during the night and eat white bread for breakfast. Or swap out white bread for another food with the same amount of nutrients along with vinegar. The results show that the subjects had lower blood glucose levels and improved insulin sensitivity. Therefore, it is said that eating acetic acid-containing foods or fermented foods like apple cider might increase the sensitivity of the body’s insulin response. And lower blood sugar levels in the blood UFABET

However, the trials in this study were small and were not directly involved in diabetic patients. It is difficult to confirm the efficacy of apple cider in the treatment of diabetes. In addition, the treatment or prevention of diabetes effectively. It should be done in conjunction with changing eating habits and exercising regularly. Always consult a doctor first for safety.