AC Milan slams FIFA to block Pellegrino loan deal.

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AC Milan sends legal team to appeal to FIFA for blocking Marco Pellegrino transfer to Salernitana And now we’ve received good news.

AC Milan accepts offer Salernitana to loan Argentinian defender Pellegrino for the second half of the 2023-24 season. But the International Football Federation (FIFA) has blocked the transfer according to regulations UFABET  

FIFA said Pellegrino played for former club Atlético Platense and current club AC Milan. Meaning he would not be able to move to a third club in one season. He cited his time playing with the Argentine club at the end of July. Before moving to the Italian league and play in Serie A in November

Such matters were viewed as unfair. In addition to Milan’s legal team filing an appeal with FIFA. The Italian Football Federation and the Argentine Football Federation also offered to help in negotiations.

Calciomercato, Italian media, reports that FIFA has already approved Pellegrino’s transfer. After considering the new information again Technically. The July appearance in Argentina was considered to have happened last season.

The season has just begun in Argentina as opposed to the August start for European leagues. So the parties involved in the negotiation thought his time at Club Atletico Platense would count as the season prior.