Update on Arsenal striker injury after missing win over Sevilla.

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Update on Arsenal striker’s injury after missing the win over Sevilla.

Arsenal confirm Eddie Nketiah is not seriously injure. Even though he missed out on helping the team in the 2-0 win over Sevilla. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Arsenal confirms Eddie Nketiah, England striker There was no serious injury at all. Despite missing out on helping the team in the2-0 win over Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League last Wednesday.

In a situation where Gabriel Jesus, the Brazilian striker, had to rest after suffering an injury in the win against Sevilla in Spain, Miguel Arteta’s Gunners team were face with bad news when Nketiah Unable to practice with the team during the meal before Wednesday’s game.

Then, when the game arrived, Nketiah was not name, with Leandro Trossar, a versatile attacker from Belgian, starting instead and doing a good job, scoring a goal to lead 1-0 before Sun. Arsenal won beautifully 2-0.

As for Nketiah, the Gunners confirmed that the 24-year-old striker has an ankle injury. Until not ready to enter the field to meet Sevilla, however, the players did not have a big problem. And there is a high chance that he will come back and be available as an option again in the Premier League game this Saturday to meet Burnley.