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When rugby has evolved into a betting game. Rugby has become another sport that has received attention from sports fans around the world. By which the players Must find a way to bring the ball into the final area of ​​the opposite side to score. Or kicked high into the door which highlights the importance of this sport available. To you bet on rugby online is to clash on a football field. To give you the thrill of betting on rugby and the fierce competition like that.

Of course, you can choose to rugby bet At the website UFABET every time there is an important competition. Will have the option to Bet on online as well, with live giving you the chance to bet during the game. And also know Online results, simultaneously during the match. And at present. The popularity of rugby live betting is also starting to gain more and more attention.

Rules for playing rugby and rules for rugby football. Things to know before placing bets

The people’s popularity with rugby makes the rules of rugby so important. online sports betting In this sport happens. Allows you to follow the game in each competition. where you can choose to place your bets to win money from winning bets. Football rules It is also important before betting.

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the online sports betting. Whether it’s league competition or big international tournaments like the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations or 6 Nations. There are still many bettors who don’t know the rules of this sport in detail. So we have compiled the rules of rugby that everyone should know here.

Rules of playing rugby

Each team sends 15 players to the field, which in rugby is usually divided into 8 forwards. And 7 defenders, each with a different role. Because in the score of this game In most cases, it is one player who has to bring the ball into the final area of ​​the opposing side. to score

Rugby tournaments currently feature both men’s and women’s categories. Each team that sends names to compete will have a total of 15 athletes. There is no goalkeeper like in football, divided into 8 forwards and 7 defenders, both of which are the two main positions that require a lot of strength and stamina. Because it takes a clash to do it throughout the game.

kick start The kick-off in rugby football is done at the center of the field with a ready kick. Is to let the ball fall from one hand or both hands onto the ground. then kick the ball when the ball bounces for the first time by all opposing players must stand behind the 10 meter line by kicking the ball to reach the 10 meter line, but the opposing players, but if the ball blows back Play shall continue if the kick is less than 10 meters but the opposing player plays the ball first, he may continue.

General Offside Rule (Off-side) An offside player is the player in front of the person holding the ball or in front of the friend who played the ball last. Offside is taken when getting behind a teammate behind the kicker or bearer. or the holder of the ball runs ahead of the offside player; or the kicker or a teammate behind the kicker ran up ahead of the offside player. or an opponent holding the ball running 5 meters or an opponent kicking or passing the ball or the opponent intends to kick the ball but does not catch the ball