Herps (n): a vernacular term for reptiles and amphibians. It is derived from the old term "herpetile", with roots back to linnaeus classification of animals in which he grouped reptiles and amphibians together in the same class. Includes snakes, lizards, amphibians, terrapins, tortoises, crocodilians and tuataras.Herpactive (verb): Being passionate and active about the study and conservation of herps in the Western Ghats of India

They say eww, we say wow / All for creeps

Let's face it. Whether it's lizards or snakes or frogs, herps for ages haven't scored too well on the adorable radar of humans. Labelled as creepy, crawly, scary... oftentimes reptiles and amphibians aren't even given a chance. Dismissed as slimy looking, feared instead of being respected, they're could very well be at the top of the animal kingdom's most misunderstood list. That's really what Herp­active wants to change. The world is home to over 6700 amphibians and over 9000 species of reptiles (discovered as of now), a group of creatures that deserve both our admiration and attention.

At Herpactive we're all about getting active about the herpatofauna, in particular those that inhabit the rich Western Ghat region that runs across the state of Goa. From those who just curious to those with a serious interest in Herpetology, there's room for everyone with a keen interest. Walks, reptile and amphibian treks, photo documentation, surveys, training workshops, herpetofauna study expeditions, field technique sessions and awareness discussions is what you can be part of at the moment.

With education, science and conservation as our focus we hope herpetofauna will be better studied, documented and understood.


  • 13 JAN2017
    Posted by Nirmal Kulkarni
    Announcing the 1st Junior Naturalist Program 2017 where a select small group of children can join herpetologist and nature photographer Nirmal U Kulkarni on an exclusive program spread over a weekend (Fri evening/ Saturday evening and Sunday morning) at the ECHIS Conservation Hub in Nachinola village of North Goa. Read More >
  • 14 Apr2016
    Posted by Nirmal Kulkarni
    This is our 2nd Conservation Outreach Road trip for the year 2016. It is an exclusive road trip to the Malnad region and its adjoining forests of the Northern Western Ghats of Karnataka.I propose to connect with senior researcher colleagues, grassroots nature educators, and honorary wildlife wardens, the Forestry College and help create awareness at a multitude of levels. Read More >
  • 29 JUN2016
    Posted by Nirmal Kulkarni
    This is the 7th consecutive year of the now acclaimed PIT VIPER EXPEDITION of Herpactive. The last 6 years have seen teams gather vital data, compile popular articles and research notes and help collate baseline data on pit vipers as well as other Herpetofauna of the 3 states of Goa- Karnataka and Maharashtra. Read More >