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Tricks for applying makeup play the water for Songkran beautiful

Tricks for applying makeup to play in the water for Songkran to be beautiful and sultry without being afraid of the water. When putting on makeup and playing in the water on Songkran Day girls must give importance to choosing waterproof cosmetics, whether it be water-based foundation or gel-based

Challenge sun confidence! Don’t afraid burnt dark skin

Challenge the sun with confidence! Don’t be afraid of burnt dark skin with these 5 easy ways to care for your skin. Prolonged exposure to sunlight May cause young skin to become sunburned from heat. This results in uneven skin tone, redness and, in severe

Abnormal nails, a sign of disease

Abnormal nails, a sign of disease Have you ever noticed your own nails…what they look like? If you look carefully Some people’s nails have different characteristics, including shape, color, shortness, and length of the nail surface. And the health ยูฟ่าเบท of nails depends on