How to wear a face mask to keep your face clear and acne-free

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How to wear a face mask to keep your face clear and acne-free

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus affecting everyone, it is inevitable that everyone must wear a mask to prevent infection at all times.

When you have to wear a mask every day The next problem is acne. Which is found on the chin and cheeks. Especially if it’s very hot. The body creates more sweat and oil from the skin, making it more damp. Dust comes to stick more easily. Bacteria multiply and grow in the hair follicles. This causes clogged pores and inflammatory acne as a result.

Therefore, we should clean our faces regularly. Avoid touching your face if necessary. Wash your hands with soap or alcohol gel every time. Refrain from wearing makeup or wear it only on necessary occasions. To reduce acne blockage. If the symptoms ทางเข้า ufabet do not improve, you should see a dermatologist who is an expert in what type of acne the patient has. To lead to treatment methods or the use of products that match acne symptoms.

The problem of wearing a mask all the time

  1. There is dampness. caused by sweat and droplets from coughing and sneezing moisture of sweat that is in the mask causes the accumulation of bacteria and fungi in higher than normal amounts. cause infection then causing inflammation
  2. Friction occurs If you wear a mask that doesn’t fit your face Or it is too large. When we move our face frequently, the mask will rub against our face, causing irritation and inflammation.
  3. There are pressure marks on the face. In the case that the mass is too small The edges and strap area will be tight. When worn for a long time It will cause the face to wrinkle.
  4. An allergic rash occurs from the dampness of sweat. and friction with the mask worn This causes the facial skin to have a red rash and itching may occur.
  5. Acne and blockage In fact, wearing a mask It is a trigger for the skin to cause acne problems. Both in people who wear makeup and those who don’t. But if you have makeup on and are wearing a mask, it may cause you to sweat. And it will become more of a stimulant, causing the skin to become clogged more easily.

How to wear a hygienic mask without causing acne?

  1. Use tissue paper before wearing a mask.  This will help reduce friction. and irritation to the facial skin. In addition, we should not put our hands in contact with the mask too much. To prevent dirt attached to your hands from touching your face. Kuan sometimes takes off his mask when he’s alone. 
  2. Change your face mask regularly  You should not use the same face mask for several days. This is because the dirt will become stuck in the fabric and cause irritation to the skin.
  3. Clean your face regularly.  When faced with pollution and dirt all day long When you get home, you should clean your face with products that are suitable for your skin type.
  4. Reduce makeup  Do not apply skin care products too thickly. or reduce makeup Because the more you apply, the more your skin is at risk of clogging.

    5.  Use a soft face mask.  To reduce facial friction that causes injury and becomes a source of germs.