Conte: ‘Getting the top four’ sounds like a joke when taking over Spur

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte admits he is aiming for a fourth place in the Champions League. Look funny It was extremely rare when he step into the position.

Spurs are now in a very good position to secure tickets to next season’s Champions League. After being in 4th place with points ahead of Arsenal Competitors are vying for 2 points directly. And teams need just one more point from Norwich. City only From the final game tomorrow

, “Daniel Levy never asked me anything, he only asked what we wanted. with the duties that I received How can we improve the situation? There are no goals,” Conte said,

“but I think he knows that. I am ambitious I want to try every situation that will allow us to go as high as possible, fight for it.

” He never asked for anything from me. I want to clear things up. ‘Cause if you set a goal for me I would know it was a very difficult job.”The UFABET report

“It was clearly a difficult period. If he set a goal for me “I want to go to the Champions League.” I could have said the same thing as him. “Are you kidding?”

“That’s the truth. Because we are talking about the English League. The situation in the league is very difficult because there are four top teams if one of these four teams doesn’t have a really missed season. It’s very difficult to intervene in it.

” i try to make it Because I like to set big goals for myself. not a small target I know myself well I need this challenge to do my best.”