“La Liga” announces the condemnation of PSG. Prepare to cry for all parties

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La Liga has issued a statement condemning the renewal of Kylian Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain and will bring a complaint to the relevant authorities

. The 23-year-old, who has been linked with Real Madrid for a long time, is believed to have spent a lot of money on the extension, which is reported to be a total of over 200 million euros

, most recently in the league. Spanish La Liga, who came out to announce the attack on the contract renewal. The UFABET report

“Confirming the possibility of Kylian Mbappe’s continued stay with Paris Saint-Germain, La Liga would like to declare that an agreement of this type poses a threat to the economic stability of football. Europe”

“Making the hundreds of thousands of jobs and the integrity of sport at risk in the medium term. It’s not just a European competition. But it’s also our domestic league trade.”

“It’s a scandal for a club like PSG. Who lost more than €220 million last season. And accumulat loss of more than 700 million euros over the past several seasons “With clubs spending over €650 million on the sporting staff in the 2021/22

season, an agreement of this nature can be entered into. While many clubs can accommodate the transfer of players with out their trading account no problem. Must withdraw without being able to sign a contract with the player

. to protect the business ecosystem and the economic stability of European football.”